Music City Track Carnival 2024 - Schedule

Event schedule for the the 2024 Music City Track Carnival - World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze:

Dates: May 31 - June 1

Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Track Events:

4:00pm: Elementary School Girls 800m
4:15pm: Elementary School Boys 800m
4:30pm: Middle School Girls 800m
4:45pm: Middle School Boys 800m
5:00pm: Open Women’s 800m
5:15pm: Open Men’s 800m
5:30pm: High School Girls 800m (entry std: 2:19.00)
5:45pm: High School Boys 800m (entry std: 1:57.50)
6:00pm: High School Girls 2000m Steeplechase (entry std: 7:57.50 | or 1600m – 5:24.50 / 3200m – 11:47.00)
6:15pm: Pro Women’s 3000m Steeplechase (entry std: 10:30.00)
6:35pm: High School Boy 2000m Steeplechase (entry std: 6:45.00 | or 1600m – 4:30.00 / 3200m – 10:00.00)
6:50pm: Pro Men’s 3000m Steeplechase (entry std: 8:53.00)
7:10pm: High School Girls 3200m (entry std: 11:23.50)
7:30pm: High School Boys 3200m (entry std: 9:35.00)
7:50pm : Open Women’s 5000m (entry std: 20:00)
8:15pm: Open Men’s 5000m (entry std: 18:30)
8:40pm: Pro Women’s 5000m (entry std: 16:55.50)
9:00pm: Pro Men’s 5000m (entry std: 14:15.00)
9:20pm: Pro Men’s Mile (Sub-4 or Bust | entry std: 4:02.50 or 3:44.25 1500m)

Field Events:

High School Pole Vault (rolling schedule)
4:00pm: HS Girls (entry std: 3.35m / 11′ | Opening Height: 3.15m / 10′ 4.25″)
6:00pm (est): HS Boys (entry std: 4.26m / 14′ | Opening Height: 4.15m / 13′ 7.25″)


Session 1 Track Events:

10:00am: Kids’ 400m Steeplechase (recommended age 4-10)
10:15am: Lil’ Kids’ 200m Dash (recommended age 2-7)
10:20am: Elementary School Girls Mile
10:30am: Elementary School Boys Mile
10:40am: Middle School Girls Mile
10:55am: Middle School Boys Mile
11:10am: Women’s Open Mile
11:30am: Men’s Open Mile
11:55am: Men’s Masters Mile (age: 40+ | entry std: 5:20.00)
12:05pm: HS Girls Mile (C/D Heats | entry std: 5:10.00)
12:20pm: HS Boys Mile (C/D Heats | entry std: 4:20.00)
12:35pm: HS Girls’ 100m Hurdles Prelims (entry std: 15.40)
12:45pm: Pro Women’s 100m Hurdles Prelims (entry std: 14.00)
12:55pm: HS Boys’ 110m Hurdles Prelims (entry std: 15.30)
1:05pm: Pro Men’s 110m Hurdles Prelims (entry std: 14.40 )
1:15pm: HS Girls’ 100m Prelims (entry std: 12.50)
1:20pm: HS Boys’ 100m Prelims (entry std: 10.95)
1:25pm: Pro Women’s 100m Prelims (3-4 heats) (entry std: 11.70)
1:35pm: Pro Men’s 100m Prelims (3-4 heats) (entry std: 10.50)

Session 2 Track Events:

2:40pm: HS Girls’ 100m Hurdles FINAL
2:45pm: Pro Women’s 100m Hurdles FINAL
2:55pm: HS Boys’ 110m Hurdles FINAL
3:00pm: Pro Men’s 110m Hurdles FINAL
3:07pm: Pro Women’s 100m Consolation FINAL
3:10pm: Pro Women’s 100m FINAL
3:13pm: Pro Men’s 100m Consolation FINAL
3:15pm: Pro Men’s 100m FINAL
3:20pm: HS Girls’ 100m FINAL
3:25pm: HS Boys’ 100m FINAL
3:35pm: Pro Women’s 400m (2 timed finals – entry std: 54.00)
3:45pm: Pro Men’s 400m (2 timed finals – entry std: 47.00)
3:55pm: HS Girls’ 400m (entry std: 59.50)
4:05pm: HS Boys’ 400m (entry std: 50.25)
4:15pm: Pro Women’s 800m (C/D Sections | entry std: 2:07.00)
4:25pm: Pro Men’s 800m (C/D Sections | entry stand: 1:50.00)
4:40pm: Pro Women’s 400m Hurdles (2 timed finals – entry std: 59.00)
4:50pm: Pro Men’s 400m Hurdles (2 timed finals – entry std: 51.65)
5:00pm: Pro Women’s 800m (A/B Sections – 2 timed finals | event entry std: 2:07.00 – historically takes 2:02/2:03 to make A/B heats)
5:10pm: Pro Men’s 800m (A/B Sections – 2 timed finals | event entry std: 1:50.00 – historically takes 1:47 to make A/B heats)
5:20pm: HS Girls’ Mile (A/B sections | event entry std: 5:10.00 – historically takes 5:02 to make A/B heats)
5:40pm: HS Boys’ Mile (A/B sections | event entry std: 4:20.00 – historically takes 4:14 to make A/B heats)
6:00pm: Pro Women’s 200m (entry std: 23.80)
6:10pm: Pro Men’s 200m (entry std: 21.20)
6:20pm: Pro Women’s 1500m (3 timed finals | entry std: 4:20.00)
6:40pm: Pro Men’s 1500m (3 timed finals | entry std: 3:44.25)

Field Events:

3:00pm: Pro Women’s Shot Put (entry std: 16.00m / 52′ 6″)
4:30pm: Pro Men’s Shot Put (entry std: 18.00m / 59′ 0.75″)
Pro Pole Vault (rolling schedule)
2:15pm: Pro Women (entry std: 4.00m / 13′ 1.5″ | Opening Height: 3.80m / 12′ 5.5″)
5:15pm (est): Pro Men (entry std: 5.20m / 17′ 0.75″ | Opening Height: 5.00m / 16′ 4.75″)

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