Results: Meeting de Mondeville 2024

Results and start lists for the 2024 Meeting de Mondeville:

Event Date: Wednesday, February 7

Location: Hall Michel d'Ornano in Mondeville, France

Category: Word Athletics Indoor Tour - Silver

19:00Pole Vault MenFinalRESULTS
19:0260m WomenRound 1 Heat 1RESULTS
19:06Long Jump MenFinalRESULTS
19:0860m WomenRound 1 Heat 2RESULTS
19:1460m WomenRound 1 Heat 3RESULTS
19:2060m MenRound 1 Heat 1RESULTS
19:2660m MenRound 1 Heat 2RESULTS
19:3560m Hurdles WomenRound 1 Heat 1RESULTS
19:4160m Hurdles WomenRound 1 Heat 2RESULTS
19:5060m Hurdles MenRound 1 Heat 1RESULTS
19:5660m Hurdles MenRound 1 Heat 2RESULTS
20:003000m WomenFinalRESULTS
20:1550m youngsFinal BRESULTS
 50m youngs  Final ARESULTS
20:2560m ParaSport MenFinalRESULTS
20:3560m WomenFinal BRESULTS
20:4560m WomenFinal ARESULTS
20:5560m MenFinal BRESULTS
21:01Triple Jump WomenFinalRESULTS
21:03Pole Vault WomenFinalRESULTS
21:0560m MenFinal ARESULTS
21:2060m Hurdles WomenFinal BRESULTS
21:3060m Hurdles WomenFinal ARESULTS
21:4560m Hurdles MenFinal BRESULTS
21:5560m Hurdles MenFinal ARESULTS
22:053000m MenFinalRESULTS
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