Event Schedule: X-Athletics 2024

Event schedule for the 2024 X-Athletics:

Event Date: January 27 to 28

Location: Stadium Jean-Pellez in Aubière, France

Category: World Athletics Combined Events Tour - Silver


12:00Heptathlon indoor Women60m Femmes
12:15Heptathlon Men60m Heat 1
12:20Heptathlon Men60m Heat 2
12:25Heptathlon Men60m Heat 3
12:30Heptathlon Men60m Heat 4
12:45Heptathlon indoor WomenLong Jump
13:45Heptathlon MenLong Jump Group A
13:45Heptathlon MenLong Jump Group B
15:30Heptathlon indoor WomenShot Put
16:15Heptathlon indoor WomenHigh Jump
16:30Heptathlon MenShot Put Group B
16:30Heptathlon MenShot Put Group A
18:00Heptathlon MenHigh Jump Group B
18:00Heptathlon MenHigh Jump Group A


11:00Heptathlon Men60m Hurdles Heat 1
11:05Heptathlon Men60m Hurdles Heat 2
11:10Heptathlon Men60m Hurdles Heat 3
11:15Heptathlon Men60m Hurdles Heat 4
11:30Pentathlon Women60m Hurdles Heat 1
11:35Pentathlon Women60m Hurdles Heat 2
11:40Pentathlon Women60m Hurdles Heat 3
11:45Pentathlon Women60m Hurdles Heat 4
11:45Heptathlon indoor Women60m Hurdles
12:45Heptathlon MenPole Vault Group A
12:45Pentathlon WomenHigh Jump Group B
12:45Pentathlon WomenHigh Jump Group A
13:15Heptathlon MenPole Vault Group B
14:30Pentathlon WomenShot Put Group A
14:30Pentathlon WomenShot Put Group B
15:00Heptathlon indoor WomenPole Vault
16:00Pentathlon WomenLong Jump Group B
16:00Pentathlon WomenLong Jump Group A
16:45Heptathlon Men1000m Heat 2
16:52Heptathlon Men1000m Heat 1
17:15Heptathlon indoor Women1000m
17:30Pentathlon Women800m Heat 3
17:35Pentathlon Women800m Heat 2
17:40Pentathlon Women800m Heat 1
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