Results: Martin Luther King, Jr. Invitational 2024

Results and start lists for the 2024 Martin Luther King, Jr. Invitational:

Event Date: Saturday, January 20

Location: Albuquerque Convention Center

Womens High JumpResults/Start List
Womens Weight ThrowResults/Start List
Mens Pole VaultResults/Start List
Womens Pole VaultResults/Start List
Mens Long JumpResults/Start List
Mens High JumpResults/Start List
Womens Long JumpResults/Start List
Mens Weight ThrowResults/Start List
Mens Triple JumpResults/Start List
Mens Shot PutResults/Start List
Womens Shot PutResults/Start List
Womens Triple JumpResults/Start List
Mens 3000 RunResults/Start List
Womens 3000 RunResults/Start List
Mens 200 Dash Unseeded MenResults/Start List
Womens 200 Dash Unseeded WomResults/Start List
Mens 600 RunResults/Start List
Womens 600 RunResults/Start List
Mens 400 Dash UnseededResults/Start List
Womens 400 Dash UnseededResults/Start List
Womens 60 Hurdles PrelimResults/Start List
Mens 60 Hurdles PrelimResults/Start List
Mens 60 Dash Prelim InvitationalResults/Start List
Womens 60 DashResults/Start List
Womens 60 Dash Prelim InvitationalResults/Start List
Mens 1 Mile RunResults/Start List
Womens 1 Mile RunResults/Start List
Mens 60 Hurdles FinalResults/Start List
Womens 60 Hurdles FinalResults/Start List
Mens 400 DashResults/Start List
Womens 400 DashResults/Start List
Mens 60 Dash InvitationalResults/Start List
Womens 60 Dash InvitationalResults/Start List
Mens 300 DashResults/Start List
Womens 300 DashResults/Start List
Mens 200 DashResults/Start List
Womens 200 DashResults/Start List
Mens 800 RunResults/Start List
Womens 800 RunResults/Start List
Mens 60 DashResults/Start List
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