Results: Edmonton Athletics Invitational 2023

Results for the Edmonton Athletics Invitational 2023

Event Date: Sunday, July 2

Event Category: World Athletics Continental Tour Silver

Live stream and event info

1:00pmWomen 400 Meter HurdlesResults
1:10pmMen 400 Meter HurdlesResults
1:20pmWomen 400 MeterResults
1:28pmMen 400 MeterResults
1:45pmWomen 100 Meter HurdlesResults
1:55pmMen 110 Meter HurdlesResults
2:10pmWomen 100 MeterResults
2:15pmMen 100 MeterResults
2:30pmWomen 800 MeterResults
2:38pmMen 800 MeterResults
12:50pmMens HammerResults
12:55pmWomen Pole VaultResults
1:15pmMen High JumpResults
1:55pmWomen Shot PutResults
2:10pmWomen HammerResults
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