Event Schedule: Meeting Internacional Pruebas Combinadas Arona 2023

Event schedule for the 2023 Meeting Internacional Pruebas Combinadas Arona, a World Athletics Combined Events Tour.

Event Date: June 17 to 18

Live stream and meet info

Location: Arona (Tenerife), Spain

Saturday, June 17th Morning Session

10.15100m dashDECATHLON (A)
10.20100m dashDECATHLON (B)
10.25100m dashDECATHLON (C)
10.30100m dashDECATHLON (D)
10.40100m hurdlesHEPTATHLON (A)
10.52100m hurdlesHEPTATHLON (B)
10.57100m hurdlesHEPTATHLON (C)
11.00Long jumpDECATHLON (A)
11.45High jumpHEPTATHLON Group A
11.45High jumpHEPTATHLON Group B
12.15Long jumpDECATHLON (B)
12.15Shot putDECATHLON (A)
13.30Shot putDECATHLON (B)

Saturday, June 17th  Evening Session

18.30High jumpDECATHLON A
18.30High jumpDECATHLON B
19.00Shot putHEPTATHLON A
19.00Shot putHEPTATHLON B
20.30200m dashHEPTATHLON (C)
20.35200m dashHEPTATHLON (B)
20.40200m dashHEPTATHLON (A)
21.00400m dashDECATHLON (D)
21.07400m dashDECATHLON (C)
21.14400m dashDECATHLON (B)
21.21400m dashDECATHLON (A)

Sunday, June 18th Morning Session

10.15110m hurdlesDECATHLON (A)
10.22110m hurdlesDECATHLON (B)
10.29110m hurdlesDECATHLON (C)
10.36110m hurdlesDECATHLON (S20)
10.45110m hurdlesDECATHLON (S18)
11.00Discus throwDECATHLON (A)
12.15Discus throwDECATHLON (B)
12.00Long jumpHEPTATHLON
12.50Pole vaultDECATHLON (A)
13.40Pole vaultDECATHLON (B)
13.30Javelin throwHEPTATHLON

Sunday, June 18th Evening Session

18.00Javelin throwDECATHLON (B)
19.00Javelin throwDECATHLON (A)
19.22800m dashHEPTATHLON (B)
19.30800m dashHEPTATHLON (A)
20.001500m dashDECATHLON (B)
20.151500m dashDECATHLON (A)
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