Event Schedule: 2023 On Track Nights: FAST5000

Event Schedule for the 2023 On Track Nights: FAST5000, a World Athletics Continental Tour Challenger.

Event Date: Saturday, June 10

Live stream and meet info

Location: Paris, France

Event program time Central Europe (GMT +2).

12:00PM Kids Race 600m

12:40PM Podiums Kids

12:50PM 3000m Men

1:10PM 3000m Women

1:35PM Serie 9 5000m Men

2:05PM Serie 5 5000m Femmes

2:35PM Podium 3000WM 9M 5W

2:45PM Serie 8 5000m Men

3:15PM Serie 7 5000m Men

3:45PM Race Run Crews

4:10PM Serie 4 5000m Women

4:40PM Serie 6 5000m Men

5:10PM Podium 8M 7M 4W 6M

5:25PM Serie 5 5000m Men

5:55PM Serie 3 5000m Women

6:25PM Serie 4 5000m Men

6:50PM Serie 3 5000m Men

7:15PM Podium 5M 4M 3M 3W


7:30PM Final B - 5000m Women

8:00PM Final B - 5000m Men

8:25PM Final B - 1500m Men

8:35PM Final A - 1500m Men

8:50PM Final - A Mile Women

9:05PM Podiums 1500A 1500B 2M 2W Mile

9:20PM Final A - 5000m Women

9:45PM Final A - 5000m Men

10:10PM Circus

10:20PM Podium 1M 1W

10:30PM DJ

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