Schedule: Millrose Games Trials 2023

Schedule for the 2023 Millrose Games Trials, a high performance track and field indoor meet.

Event Date: Wednesday, January 13

Location: The Armory | New York City


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Event Schedule

5:00BoysYouthYouth (12 & Under)4x200m Relay2Final
5:06GirlsYouthYouth (12 & Under)4x200m Relay2Final
5:12BoysHigh SchoolPSAL4x200m Relay5Trials
5:27GirlsHigh SchoolPSAL4x200m Relay6Trials
5:45BoysYouthYouth (12 & Under)400m Dash3Final
5:54GirlsYouthYouth (12 & Under)400m Dash6Final
6:12BoysHigh SchoolInvitational (Top 30 Entries)1 Mile Run2Final
6:26GirlsHigh SchoolInvitational (Top 30 Entries)1 Mile Run2Final
6:40BoysHigh SchoolVarsity55m Dash1Final
6:45GirlsHigh SchoolVarsity55m Dash1Final
6:50BoysHigh SchoolInvitational (Top 15 Entries)4x800m Relay1Final
7:02GirlsHigh SchoolInvitational (Top 15 Entries)4x800m Relay1Final
7:14BoysHigh SchoolPSAL (top 8 - 2 heat final)4x200m Relay2Final
7:20GirlsHigh SchoolPSAL (top 8 - 2 heat final)4x200m Relay2Final
7:26BoysHigh SchoolLong Island & Private Schools4x400m Relay2Final
7:36GirlsHigh SchoolLong Island4x400m Relay2Final
7:46BoysHigh SchoolSuburban4x400m Relay4Final
8:06GirlsHigh SchoolSuburban4x400m Relay3Final
Order of Events - Infield    
5:00BoysYouthNYRR (8 & Under)55m Dash2Final
5:10GirlsYouthNYRR (8 & Under)55m Dash2Final
5:45BoysHigh SchoolVarsity55m Dash10Trials
6:00GirlsHigh SchoolVarsity55m Dash10Trials
6:40BoysHigh SchoolVarsity55m Dash8Final
6:45GirlsHigh SchoolVarsity55m Dash8Final
Field Events     
5:00 PMGirlsHigh SchoolInvitational (Minimum = 35 Feet)Weight Throw2Trials & Finals
6:30 PMBoysHigh SchoolInvitational (Minimum = 45 Feet)Weight Throw2Trials & Finals
6:00 PMBoysHigh SchoolInvitational (Top 9 Entries)Pole Vault1Finals
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