• Top 5 Most Expensive Hockey gears in the World

In the old days, you could buy complete hockey gear for as little as $100, but now you need at least $3000 in your pocket to buy hockey gear. Over time, the hockey sticks and other equipment have been improved with the help of technology and are now made with top-notch material that makes it high performance, lightweight and durable. Here are the top five most expensive brands and a shop for hockey gear.


1) CCM: CCM is a prestigious Canadian company whose hockey sticks are used by 37% of league players. They have around 13 models, with The Ribcor Trigger 2 PMT, The Ribcor Trigger ASY, and the Super tacks 2.0 being the best models.

2) Warrior: The Alpha QX is one of the most popular hockey sticks among NHL players. 23.4% of the hockey sticks are from Warrior.

3) Bauer: 11.3% of players use their Nexus 1N hockey stick.

4) Easton: Around 6% of players use their products.

5) TRUE: True was founded in 2000 and since then has released two hockey sticks which have taken the industry by storm. The A6.0 SBP and XCORE 9


1) CCM: CCM again tops the charts for the best and most expensive hockey gloves with over 13 models, with HG 12 and CL pro being the most popular ones.

2) Bauer: With over 16% of the league going after their products, the Vapor 1X is a must-have.

3) Warrior: Their Dynasty AX1, Covert QRL, and Covert QR1 are the top picks.

4) Easton: They have five models for gloves, with the Pro glove being the most famous among athletes.

5) TRUE: As mentioned above, TRUE recently came into existence.


The top companies for Hockey pants include CCM, Bauer, Warrior, Easton, Reebok.


1) Bauer: This company dominates the market and is the leader in skates production.44% of the league uses their Vapor 1X and Supreme 1S collection gloves.

2) CCM: They have eight models, with Super tracks being the most popular.

3) TRUE: Their pro custom boots are the reason for their success.

4) Reebok

5) Graf


1) CCM: With over 40% sales CCM’s Vector V08 is the best selling product

2) Bauer: It has sales greater than CCM, with its Re-Akt being the most popular among its clients.

3) Warrior: The Covert PX2 is their best-selling product and also one of the most expensive.

4) Easton: They have exceptional helmets that are durable, strong, and high quality.

In a nutshell

The companies mentioned above, including CCM, TRUE, Warrior, Bauer, are the top companies in the hockey industry that manufacture and produce hockey gear. Their products are used by league players and other professional players and are among the most expensive hockey products available in the market.

If you are a hockey player, you will have to invest in and shop for hockey gear. The high prices are due to the quality and performance the products provide. When you are on the field, and the hockey stick complements your playing style and is your best friend, all the money spent on it will surely be worth it.

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