Elite Runners Set for Record-Breaking Attempts and Olympic Qualification at Nagoya Women's Marathon

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In the bustling city of Nagoya, Japan, anticipation filled the air as elite athletes and marathon enthusiasts gathered for the pre-race press conference of the Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2024. With the race just around the corner on Sunday, March 10, the event promised excitement not only for the runners but for sports fans worldwide.

Among the athletes, Gotytom GEBRESLASE stood out. The Ethiopian runner, crowned the 2022 World Champion and the 2023 Budapest World Championships silver medalist, expressed her ambitions with confidence, "My goal for Sunday is to run under 2 hours 18 minutes, and if the weather and pacemakers are good, I will try to break the course record of 2:17:18." Her determination was palpable, setting the stage for a potentially record-breaking performance.

Eunice Chebichii CHUMBA of Bahrain, the 2023 Asian Games Champion, shared her optimism, revealing her well-tuned preparation aimed at surpassing her personal best of 2:20:02. The camaraderie and rivalry between GEBRESLASE and CHUMBA hinted at a thrilling race ahead, with both athletes eyeing victory and personal achievements.

For Japanese runners, the stakes were exceptionally high. The Nagoya Women’s Marathon served as the final opportunity to secure a spot on the Paris Olympics team. The newly established national record of 2:18:59 by Honami Maeda set a challenging yet tantalizing target. Ayuko SUZUKI, a 2020 Tokyo Olympian from Aichi, the host prefecture, was fueled by the support of local fans and her own aspirations to return to the Olympic stage. "I’m ready to convert the encouragement of my hometown into strength," she declared, eyes shining with determination.

Rika KASEDA echoed SUZUKI's sentiments, prepared for a high-speed contest and eager to clinch the coveted Olympic ticket. The air buzzed with their shared resolve to make the most of this critical chance.

The press conference also highlighted the marathon's broad appeal, with 18,000 participants ranging from elite competitors to recreational runners from around the globe. The organizers announced that all finishers would receive a Tiffany & Co. pendant and a New Balance T-shirt, adding a touch of luxury and exclusivity to the accomplishment.

In an unprecedented move, the marathon will be streamed live and free of charge to 37 countries, ensuring that fans from Argentina to the United States and beyond can partake in the excitement. The race’s global broadcast reflects its growing prominence and the universal appeal of marathon running.

As the press conference concluded, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation. With elite athletes aiming for records, Japanese runners chasing Olympic dreams, and thousands of participants set to cross the finish line, the Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2024 promised to be a memorable event. The world watched, waiting for the moment when the runners would take to the streets of Nagoya, each step a stride towards history.


  1. Gotytom Gebreslase (Ethiopia) - 2:18:11 (Oregon WC 2022)
  2. Eunice Chebichii Chumba (Bahrain) - 2:20:02 (Seoul 2022)
  3. Delvine Relin Meringor (Romania) - 2:20:49 (Barcelona 2023)
  4. Ayuko Suzuki (Japan) - 2:21:52 (Nagoya 2023)
  5. Rika Kaseda (Japan) - 2:21:55 (Berlin 2022)
  6. Yuka Ando (Japan) - 2:22:22 (Nagoya 2022)
  7. Violah Cheptoo (Kenya) - 2:22:44 (New York 2021)
  8. Momoko Watanabe (Japan) - 2:23:08 (Osaka 2023)
  9. Giovanna Epis (Italy) - 2:23:46 (Hamburg 2023)
  10. Eloise Wellings (Australia) - 2:25:10 (Nagoya 2022)
  11. Hikari Onishi (Japan) - 2:25:54 (Berlin 2022)
  12. Camille French (New Zealand) - 2:26:08 (Valencia 2023)
  13. Zhixuan Li (China) - 2:26:28 (Nagoya 2023)
  14. Yuri Karasawa (Japan) - 2:27:27 (Osaka 2023)
  15. Honoka Tanaike (Japan) - 2:27:30 (Nagoya 2023)
  16. Sakiho Tsutsui (Japan) - 2:27:38 (Hofu 2023)
  17. Yuyu Xia (China) - 2:28:57 (Beijing 2022)
  18. Kaena Takeyama (Japan) - 2:29:20 (Osaka Women's 2023)
  19. Beverly Ramos (Puerto Rico) - 2:31:10 (Oregon WC 2022)
  20. Yuri Mitsune (Japan) - 2:31:10 (Nagoya 2023)
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