The 2024 Boston Marathon Men's Elite Field Released

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The 2024 Boston Marathon, a World Athletics Platinum Label road race scheduled for April 15th, promises to be a thrilling event with a stellar elite men's field. Headlining the race are Evans Chebet and Gabriel Geay, the top two finishers from last year's event, along with the recent Valencia Marathon winner, Sisay Lemma.

Evans Chebet's Dominance: The Kenyan powerhouse, Evans Chebet, is the two-time defending champion and leads the pack. Chebet, aged 35, boasts an impressive personal best (PB) of 2:03:00. His track record is exceptional, having won six of his last seven marathons, including a successful defense of his Boston title last year with a time of 2:05:54. Chebet's consistency and dominance make him a strong contender for his third consecutive Boston Marathon victory, which would place him among the few to achieve this feat.

Sisay Lemma's Remarkable Performance: Ethiopian runner Sisay Lemma, the fastest in this year's field, recorded a stunning 2:01:48 in Valencia last December, ranking him as the fourth-fastest man in history. Lemma, also the 2021 London Marathon champion, has had mixed experiences in Boston, with a DNF in 2017 and a 30th-place finish in 2019. However, his recent form, including the Valencia victory, indicates he could be a major challenger this year.

Gabriel Geay's Consistency: Tanzania's Gabriel Geay, who was the runner-up in last year's Boston Marathon, shares an identical PB of 2:03:00 with Chebet, also set in Valencia. His consistent performances position him as a key competitor in the race.

Other Elite Runners: The field is further strengthened by athletes like Kenya’s Joshua Belet, Ronald Korir, and Cyprian Kotut, as well as Ethiopians Haftu Teklu and Shura Kitata, all boasting sub-2:05 PBs. Additionally, New York Marathon champion Albert Korir, former Japanese record-holder Suguru Osako, and Norwegian record-holder Sondre Moen add depth to the lineup.

Notable Entrants: Morocco’s Zouhair Talbi, fresh off his victory at the Houston Marathon with a course record of 2:06:39, and multiple NCAA champion Edward Cheserek, are also names to watch out for in this competitive field.


Sisay LemmaETH2:01:48 (Valencia, 2023)
Evans ChebetKEN2:03:00 (Valencia, 2020)
Gabriel GeayTAN2:03:00 (Valencia, 2022) NR
Joshua BeletKEN2:04:18 (Amsterdam, 2023)
Ronald KorirKEN2:04:22 (Berlin, 2023)
Cyprian KotutKEN2:04:34 (Amsterdam, 2023)
Haftu TekluETH2:04:43 (Berlin, 2023)
Shura KitataETH2:04:49 (London, 2018)
John KorirKEN2:05:01 (Chicago, 2022)
Mohamed EsaETH2:05:05 (Amsterdam, 2022)
Suguru OsakoJPN2:05:29 (Tokyo, 2020)
Sondre MoenNOR2:05:48 (Fukuoka, 2017) AR
Filmon AndeERI2:06:38 (Barcelona, 2021)
Zouhair TalbiMAR2:06:39 (Houston, 2024)
Isaac MpofuZIM2:06:48 (Valencia, 2022) NR
Albert KorirKEN2:06:57 (New York City, 2023)
Kento OtsuJPN2:08:15 (Otsu, 2021)
Ryoma TakeuchiJPN2:08:40 (Hofu, 2023)
Segundo JamiECU2:09:05 (Valencia, 2023) NR
Tsegay TuemayERI2:09:07 (Daegu, 2019)
Matt McDonaldUSA2:09:49 (Chicago, 2022)
David NilssonSWE2:10:09 (Valencia, 2020)
Tristan WoodfineCAN2:10:39 (Houston, 2024)
CJ AlbertsonUSA2:10:52 (Duluth, 2022)
Chris ThompsonGBR2:10:52 (London, 2021)
Edward CheserekKEN2:11:07 (New York City, 2023)
Nick HaugerUSA2:12:59 (Sacramento, 2021)
Will NationUSA2:13:24 (Sacramento, 2021)
Joseph WhelanUSA2:13:39 (Duluth, 2019)
Ilie Alexandru CorneschiROU2:13:39 (Berlin, 2022)
Patrick SmythUSA2:13:47 (Sacramento, 2019)
Robert MirandaUSA2:14:43 (Sacramento, 2023)
Kristoffer MugrageUSA2:15:17 (Sacramento, 2022)
Craig HuntUSA2:15:29 (Chandler, 2020)
Primoz KobeSLO2:15:37 (Rotterdam, 2022)*
Aaron GruenUSA2:15:56 (Valley Cottage, 2023)
Lorenz BaumGER2:15:57 (Cologne, 2023)
Taiyo AkiyamaJPN2:16:03 (Tokyo, 2023)
Andrew McCannUSA2:17:07 (Sacramento, 2022)
Matt RandUSA2:17:11 (Valley Cottage, 2023)
Ryan EilerUSA2:17:16 (Philadelphia, 2023)
Prescott LeachUSA2:17:30 (Sacramento, 2023)*
Qianyu ChengCHN2:17:33 (Hangzhou, 2022)
Jason AyrUSA2:18:14 (Houston, 2022)
Grant O'ConnorUSA2:18:28 (Jersey City, 2023)
Mauricio Mendez CruzMEX2:18:36 (Berlin, 2022)
Jared SchatzUSA2:18:49 (Valley Cottage, 2023)
Jonathan KotterUSA2:19:00 (St. George, 2022)
Brad KahlefeldtAUS2:19:30 (Zurich, 2023)*
Miguel MoroneBRA2:19:33 (Berlin, 2023)*
Dustin BybeeUSA2:19:48 (St. George, 2023)*
Giles RubioFRA2:20:14 (Valencia, 2022)*
Joel ConnUSA2:20:16 Duluth, 2023)*
Tyler ButterfieldBER2:21:47 (Otsu, 2019)* NR
Miguel Ferrer MuroESP2:21:47 (Valencia, 2022)*
Roman FostiEST2:22:16 (Tallinn, 2023)*
Meng-Tsung (Steve) ChuTWN2:22:54 (Edmonton, 2023)*
Yemane HaileselassieERIDebut
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