Yared Nuguse Wins Kalakaua Merrie Mile

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Yared Nuguse's victory in the Kalakaua Merrie Mile marked a significant milestone in his career as it was his first road race. His performance was exceptional, finishing the race in 3:56.58, just shy of the world record of 3:56.13. This achievement is even more remarkable considering the unique mixed-sex pursuit format of the event, where professional women athletes started 30 seconds before the men.

Nikki Hiltz triumphed in the women's race, completing the course in 4:28.07. The race dynamics were intriguing, with the women's field starting conservatively, possibly due to the knowledge that the men's faster pace might eventually catch up. This strategic approach led to an exciting climax, especially as the race progressed beyond the midway hairpin turn.

The final stretch transformed into a close contest among Nuguse, Vincent Ciattei, and Hobbs Kessler. Nuguse managed to overtake Kessler in the closing moments, with Ciattei finishing a close second at 3:56.81 and Kessler third in 3:57.12. Nuguse's win was a narrow miss from setting a new road mile world record, a feat that would have earned an additional $10,000 bonus on top of the first-place prize.

In a dramatic turn, Morgan Beadlescomb, the USATF 5-K road champion, caught up with Hiltz right at the finish line, timing in at 3:58.01. Hiltz's performance, nonetheless, was commendable.

Further highlighting the international flavor of the event, Nuguse’s training partner from Spain, Mario Garcia Romo, finished in 3:59.34. Japan's Nozomi Tanaka, who came in second in the women's division with a time of 4:29.79, set a national record.

This race, with its distinctive format and competitive spirit, not only showcased individual talents like Nuguse and Hiltz but also underscored the growing popularity and excitement surrounding road racing events.


1Nikki Hiltz4:28
2Nozomi Tanaka4:29
3Weini Kelati4:30
4Susan Ejore4:30
5Rachel Smith4:31
6Elinor St. Pierre4:32
7Dani Jones 4:32
8Emily Lipari 4:33


1Yared Nuguse3:56 .844
2Vincent Ciattei3:56 .977
3Hobbs Kessler3:57
4Morgan Beadlescomb3:58
5Mario Garcia Romo3:59
6Geordie Beamish4:00
7Neil Gourley4:03
8Mason Ferlic4:03
9Bryce Hoppel4:03
10Matthew Centrowitz4:03


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