The Kalakaua Merrie Mile Elite Field

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The Kalakaua Merrie Mile, scheduled for Saturday, December 10, 2023, features a highly competitive elite field. Here are some of the standout athletes participating in this year's event:

Dani Jones (USA, New Balance): With personal bests of 4:23.33 in the mile and 4:01.66 in the 1500m, Dani Jones is a notable competitor. She is a 2018 NCAA cross country champion and has had significant performances in various national and international events.

Nozomi Tanaka (Japan, New Balance): Tanaka is an Olympian with personal bests of 4:28.94i in the mile and 3:59.19 in the 1500m. She holds multiple Japanese records and is the 2023 Japanese champion in both the 1500m and 5000m.

Emily Lipari (USA, adidas): Lipari has achieved personal bests of 4:28.84 in the mile and 4:05.68 in the 1500m. She is a three-time USATF road mile champion and has participated in various international championships.

Susan Ejore (Kenya, Under Armour): With personal bests of 4:31.54 in the mile and 4:02.20 in the 1500m, Ejore is a former athlete from the University of Oregon and has won several titles, including the 2023 Drake Relays 800m.

Weini Kelati (USA, Under Armour): Kelati, who has personal bests of 4:37.75 in the mile and 14:53.41 in the 5000m, is a 2019 NCAA cross country champion and a two-time USATF 5 km road running champion.

Yared Nuguse (USA, On Athletics Club): Nuguse holds the American/North American records for the mile (3:43.97) and 1500m (3:29.02). He is also the 2023 USATF 1500m champion.

Neil Gourley (Great Britain, Under Armour): The reigning champion of the Kalakaua Merrie Mile 2022, Gourley has impressive personal bests, including 3:52.91 in the mile and 3:32.93 in the 1500m.

Bryce Hoppel (USA): five-time U.S. 800-meter champion

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