Kwizera and Amebaw Triumph: Dominance and Drama at the Alcobendas Cross Country Race

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In the vibrant heart of Alcobendas, the air was thick with anticipation as athletes lined up for the sixth event of the World Athletics' Gold category circuit. Among them, Rodrigue Kwizera and Likina Amebaw stood out, not just for their poised stances but for the stories they carried into this race.

Burundian Rodrigue Kwizera, in his fourth appearance at this prestigious event, raced not just against his competitors but also against the memories of a past disqualification. In 2021, an unexpected technicality - not wearing his club's colors - had snatched away a well-earned victory. This year, Kwizera was back with a vengeance. As he navigated the 10,060 meters of the Parque de Andalucía, each stride was a statement of determination. His rival, Ugandan Martin Kiprotich, kept pace, but in the final meters, Kwizera's powerful sprint clinched his third victory - second officially - at Alcobendas.

In the women's category, Ethiopian Likina Amebaw, a resident of the small town of Peguerinos and aspiring Spanish citizen, was a force unto herself. On the 8,040-meter course, Amebaw’s dominance was clear. Her win marked not just another triumph at Alcobendas but a continuation of a winning streak that had already seen her conquer Soria, Castellón, and Amorebieta. Cristina Ruiz, the first Spanish woman to finish, crossed the line over a minute after Amebaw, highlighting the Ethiopian's exceptional performance.

However, not all was smooth in the realm of cross country racing. The short race, a crucial qualifier for the European championship mixed relay team, was marred by controversy. In a fiercely contested final stretch, what should have been a straightforward victory turned into a dispute. Abde El Khayami emerged victorious, but it was the clash between Yahya Aouina and Ignacio Fontes that captured the crowd's attention. The judges' decision to disqualify Aouina for impeding Fontes added a dramatic twist to the race, securing El Khayami and Fontes their spots in the upcoming championship.

In the women's short race, Rosalía Tárraga and Naima Ait Alibou showcased their endurance and skill in a breathtaking sprint, with Tárraga edging out to victory. Their performance earned them a place in the team heading to Brussels for the European championship.

Top results

Men (10.1km)
1. Rodrigue Kwizera (BDI) 29:30
2. Martin Kiprotich (UGA) 29:38
3. Celestin Ndikumana (BDI) 29:52
4. Filmon Kibrom (ERI) 29:54
5. Aron Kifle (ERI) 30:07
6. Andreu Blanes (ESP) 30:15
7. Yves Nimubona (RWA) 30:28
8. David Bascuñana (ESP) 30:52
9. Oliver Löfqvist (SWE) 30:56
10. Roberto Aláiz (ESP) 31:12

Women (8.1km)
1. Likina Amebaw (ETH) 26:33
2. Asayech Ayichew (ETH) 26:38
3. Nadia Battocletti (ITA) 26:50
4. Lucy Mawia (KEN) 27:26
5. Anna Arnaudo (ITA) 27:43
6. Cristina Ruiz (ESP) 27:58
7. Lili Anna Vindics-Toth (HUN) 28:12
8. Claudia Estévez (ESP) 28:30
9. Azucena Díaz (ESP) 28:40
10. Alessia Zarbo (FRA) 28:44

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