Kemal Husen Sets Dublin Marathon Course Record

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The Dublin Marathon on Sunday, 29th of October saw a spectacular performance by Kemal Husen from Ethiopia, who set a new course record, breaking the previous best set in 2019.

Men's Race:

Kemal Husen completed the marathon with an outstanding time of 2 hours, 6 minutes, and 52 seconds. He was consistent in his pace, hitting the halfway mark at 1:02.56. This performance surpassed Othmane El Goumri's record from 2019 by a commendable one minute and 14 seconds.

Uganda's Geofrey Kusuro followed Husen, securing the second position with a time of 2:10.45. Stephen Scullion came in third, clocking 2:11.51. Notably, Scullion also clinched the top spot in the concurrently run Irish Championship.

Women's Race:

In the women's category, Ethiopia's Amente Negash showcased her prowess, clinching the first position in the overall women's race. She finished with a personal best of 2:26.22. Negash was followed by Kenya's Joan Kipyatich, who was 42 seconds behind. Another Ethiopian, Genet Abdurkadir, secured the third spot, finishing 45 seconds behind Kipyatich.

Kenya's Peninah Jerop took the fourth position with a time of 2:29.06. Ann-Marie McGlynn, a 43-year-old from Strabane, delivered an exceptional performance, securing the fifth position. With a finishing time of 2:34.13, McGlynn not only was thrilled with her performance but also won the Irish national marathon title for the first time.

Irish Championship Highlights:

Stephen Scullion's win in the men's category of the Irish Championship was a significant highlight. In the women's category, while McGlynn clinched the national title, North Belfast athlete Gladys Ganiel, aged 46, secured the second position with a time of 2:37.08. This was just 26 seconds outside her personal best, which she set in Dublin four years prior. Donore's Sorcha Loughnane completed the podium for the national event.


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