Nina Kennedy sets new Australian Record with 4.91m to win Diamond League in Zurich

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ZURICH, 30 August 2023 - Fresh off their shared World Championship gold medal, Australia's Nina Kennedy and the USA's Katie Moon (formerly Nageotte) took their riveting rivalry to Weltklasse the Diamond League meeting in Zurich, delivering an enthralling display of pole vaulting prowess.

Kennedy, not letting the euphoria of the World Championships cloud her performance, reached a stunning height of 4.91 metres on Wednesday. This wasn't just a win against her fierce competitor, Moon; it marked a new Oceania record, a new world-leading height for the year, and a new meeting record for Zurich.

The competition unfolded with a touch of déjà vu as once again, it was Kennedy and Moon who were the last women standing. Moon, though finishing second, had an admirable show with her best height of 4.81 metres.

However, it wasn't all smooth sailing for the Aussie champion. At 4.76m, it took Kennedy three nail-biting attempts to successfully clear the bar. But after that initial hiccup, she found her rhythm, clearing 4.81m, 4.86m, and the record-setting 4.91m all on her first tries. Her subsequent attempts to break past 4.96m didn't materialise despite three gallant efforts.

Moon's strategy was different, conserving energy by taking fewer jumps. She cleared both 4.66m and 4.81m impressively on her first tries. However, after one failed attempt at 4.91m, she decided to bypass another attempt and aim higher at 4.96m - a height she unfortunately could not conquer after two tries.

It wasn't just a two-woman show. Sandi Morris of the USA, a three-time World pole vault silver medallist and Rio 2016 silver medalist, kept the pressure up. After clearing 4.76m on her third attempt, a miss at 4.81m led her to strategically pass and attempt 4.86m. Despite two unsuccessful attempts, Morris's commendable efforts secured her spot in the upcoming Diamond League Finals.

As the Diamond League progresses, one thing is clear: the women's pole vault is bursting with talent, drama, and fierce competition. And fans worldwide are eager for more.

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