Schedule: European Cross Country Championships 2022

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Event schedule for the 2022  European Cross Country Championships.

Turin hosts the 2022 European Cross Country Championships on Sunday, December 11, in Turin's at La Mandria Park.

Schedule time Central European (GMT +1)

09:15 Opening Ceremony
09:35 U20 Men Race (6000m)
10:03 U20 Women Race (4000m)
10:30 Mixed Relay (4 x 1500m)
10:55 VC U20 Men individual
11:00 VC U20 Women Individual
11:05 VC U20 Men team
11:12 VC U20 Women team
11:19 VC Mixed Relay
11:30 U23 Men race (8000m)
12:03 U23 Women race (6000m)
12:33 Senior Women Race (8000m)
13:10 Senior Men race (10.000m)
13:53 VC U23 Men individual
13:58 VC U23 Women individual
14:03 VC U23 Men team
14:10 VC U23 Women team
14:17 VC Senior Women individual
14:22 VC Senior Men individual
14:27 VC Senior Women team
14:34 VC Senior Men team

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