RunCzech is getting ready for its first half marathon this year in Ústí nad Labem

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RunCzech is aligning its activities in accordance with the incoming regulations and we are constantly working on the 10th edition of the Mattoni Ústí nad Labem Half Marathon, which will happen on Saturday, 19th of September.
The race program will include the dm Family Run, the Spolchemie Czech Handbike Championship, and of course the spotlight will be aimed at the main race. 

Race organisers from all around the world had big ambitions for this year. However, most of the races got cancelled and organisers had to look for other solutions. Some are organizing races for elite runners only. Others are experimenting with virtual runs or coming up with interesting online challenges. Instead, the Mattoni Ústí nad Labem Half Marathon will be held in full shape - participation will consist of both amateurs and Pro runners from the Czech Republic and other European countries.

RunCzech had to reschedule its races to Autumn, and the Prague races had been cancelled for this year completely. This has motivated the organizing committee to incredible actions. At the beginning of September, the World Record for the women-only half marathon was broken and the male runners contributed to achieve the 5th best time of all times in men’s half marathon. Now it seems that RunCzech could be one of the few, if not the only organizer in the World that will be able to organize mass participation events as we know them. Everything will be, of course, aligned with the recommendations of the local hygiene station, that is in daily cooperation with the RunCzech team. A safety protocol has been created, which enables us to host the race, summarizing and communicating to runners all necessary rules. Among other things, it mainly covers the regulations regarding the risk of spreading the virus, the specific hygienic requirements, and the cooperation with healthcare providers.

In agreement with the director of the Hygiene Station of the Ústí region, Dr. Lenka Šimůnková, the representatives of the city and the region and following the Ministry of Health's special regulations, RunCzech prepared the following instructions:

Time of start is changed so that there is larger difference between the races 

  • dm Family Run at 11AM (and possible start in waves)
  • Handbike race at 1PM (25 participants maximum)
  • Half Marathon at 3PM (start in waves - first 1000 people at 3PM, next wave starts minutes later)

Technical area will be divided in two sectors monitoring the right amount of people and making sure the two groups never meet before or after the race.

Only healthy runners will participate controlled by runners’ declarations and by preventively measuring their temperature.

Runners will be allowed in the starting corridor for a minimum amount of time. Corridors have been enlarged to secure 2 meters distance between runners.

Runners will be requested to wear masks before and after the race, including in the technical area. The technical area is adjusted to secure a fast way out without any possible delays. 

Technical adjustments 

  • Significant increase of disinfection stations and information signs around the technical and start/finish area.
  • Usage of safety gloves for transporting refreshments or giving out medals.
  • Regular disinfection of sanitary equipment (toilets).
  • Cancellation of foam sponges for refreshment.
  • Refreshment points served without any physical contact.
  • No fruits at refreshment stations. Only whole bananas served at the finish.
  • Sugar and salt served only in full and closed one-use packages.
  • Changing rooms will be placed outdoor.
  • Taping services - cancelled
  • Showers - cancelled
  • Massages - cancelled
  • After race party - cancelled

On our web page you can see a graphic with all the medical instructions we have shared with our runners also through a newsletter and on social media. 

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