• Bahamas Win Thrilling Mixed 4x400 at World Relays

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The 3rd edition of IAAF/BTC World Relays Championships concluded with a thrilling Bahamas victory over USA in the 4x400m mixed relay on Sunday, April 23 in Nassau. 

A new 4x400m mixed relay event was introduced to track and field fans at 2012 World Relays Championships. The mixed 4x400m relay consists of two male and two female runners. Each team could choose individually the order how their athletes would run the relay. 

The champion of the first edition of mixed 4x400m relay came down to an exciting duel between Bahamas and USA teams. 

Americans chose male, female, male, female strategy, while Bahamas chose male, female, female and male line up.  In the first two legs team Bahamas gained a significant lead over the US and the rest of the field, but the Americans during the 3rd leg managed to take a four second lead over the home team. In the end Bahamas anchorman Michael  Mathieu chased down Claudia Francis to beat American team by nearly 3 seconds and to give Bahamas its first gold at these championships. 

The 2017 World relays championships was generally dominated by the American athletes. The US team on the opening day won the men's 4x100m and the women's 4x800m finals while on day 2 American team added 3 more golds by claiming wins in the men's 4x800m and the men's and women's 4x400m relays. 

A big upset produced German women's 4x100m team by beating Jamaicans. American team failed to finish after its lead leg Tianna Bartolleta tripped and fell down just before exchange zone. 

Watch mixed 4x400m relay here.

For full results visit official IAAF page here. 

Results Mixed Relay

1 BAHAMAS             3:14.42

2 UNITED STATES       3:17.29

3 JAMAICA             3:20.26

4 POLAND             3:22.26

5 AUSTRALIA              3:23.14

6 KENYA             3:23.79


    BOTSWANA             DNF


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