• Eaton Wants Decathlon in Diamond League

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World record holder and London Olympic gold medallist in Decathlon, Ashton Eaton, wants the multi event to be included in Diamond League series.

"I believe decathlon should have a hand in the Diamond League circuit. I would say we should compete across five competitions, with two events per competition like, 100m and long jump for one meeting and then shot and high jump the next," Said Eaton.

"I think this would be a good time frame and keep people interested in the multis. A similar competition could also be run for the women multi-eventers.

"For me, this would be fair, although I guess why we are not included is, we are not the flashiest of athletes. The long jump specialists would leap 8.20-8.30m while the multi-eventers would be down at around 7.50-7.60m, for example," added Eaton.

Eaton last year at US Olympic trials broke decathlon world record scoring 9039 points.

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