• Russian High Jumper Yelena Slesarenko Plans to Return for 2013 Season

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2004 Athens Olympic high jump champion Yelena Slesarenko from Russia after successful knee injury is now planning to return to compete for the 2013 season.

Besides her knee injury  Slesarenko missed the 2012 indoor and outdoor seasons due to pregnancy. 

"Im doing well despite the fact that my leg feels very heavy and I have to get about on crutches. At least, I also have my sister to help me.” Slesarenko told Russian media on wednesday.

“I had the same surgery in 2010 in Moscow and I started training again quite quickly but this time I want to solve the problem once and for ever,” she added, suggesting that she will need between four and eight weeks rehabilitation, some of which will be done in Munich, before starting training seriously again.

“I must have the best of health to start training again, with all the usual strength work and jumping, but giving birth isnt an issue. I have an excellent example from (2011 World Championships and 2012 Olympic Games gold medallist) Anna Chicherova. Look at how she came back after giving the birth to a child.”

She gave a birth to a daughter Elizaveta three months ago and resumed training just a few days.

 After giving birth Slesarenko decided to fix her knee as well. “I was straight into a fitness programme and did some light lifting but then I decided it was the perfect time for surgery.”

Besides her Olympic title, Slesarenko has twice won World Indoor Championship gold medals.

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