• Athletics Kenya Refuses Foreign Coaches With no Work Permits

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 ATHLETICS Kenya (AK) has issued a one week ultimatum to all foreign coaches operating in the country without work permits to leave the country.

AK chairman Isaiah Kiplagat said the coaches should vacate the country in the next one week because they are responsible for the latest doping cases in the country.

" They are behind all these claims and their aim is to portray Kenyan athletes in bad light in the pretext of coaching them," the AK boss revealed.

"These coaches have been extracting blood from some athletes and mixing them with others things to qualify their doping claims. They are even responsible for calling in international journalist and feeding them with their doping lies.

They also house the same international journalists in their apartments when they come from abroad in a bid to sell their malicious doping campaigns better," added Kiplagat.

Kiplagat said he has already discussed the matter with the immigration department and the foreign coaches without permits have no choice but to leave the country.

"They have to leave because they are working here illegally and have no works permits. I have already talked to the immigration department about this and I suggest they start preparing their exit now," he noted.

Kiplagat confirmed that Kenyan athletes have been performing exceptionally well in a drug-free environment and the doping claims are malicious and meant to taint countrys image at the international level.

"Kenyans generally work hard. Its not possible to beat Kenyans who train even ten times a day as compared to other foreign athletes who train once a day. Kenyans are about hard work and other people should not try to twist things to justify their failures. We have nothing to do with drugs we simply work hard. For the doubting Thomases, you can look at Kenyas athletic performance since 1960s before making malicious conclusions," Kiplagat quipped.

He said only long distance runner Mathew Kisorio had tested positive for banned substance in June. "Besides Kisorio, we dont know the other four athletes who are said to have tested positive. Infact they are no longer Kenyan citizens because they are running for other countries," he said. Kiplagat was speaking during the Ndalat Gaa Cross Country meeting over the weekend.

Last week, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) President John Fahey visited Kenya and asked the sports officials to investigate the matter.

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