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Bearing his country’s flag at last night’s Opening Ceremony, Usain Bolt walked the length of track that—if not already—will solidify him as the greatest sprinter in that has ever lived.

In a brief piece with BBC.com, Usain Bolt called the XXX Olympic Games, “the moment that will define my entire life.”

Bolt is entered in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m for his native Jamaica, but said that if his country needs him and if he’s feeling chipper, he wouldn’t mind taking a shot at the 4x400 relay. If he carries out that plan, he’s setting himself up to potentially walk away with four Gold Medals from the land of Fog and Crumpets.

Those medals, which Bolt took with ease in world record times in 2008, won’t be that way this year. With young gun Yohan Blake slaying the metaphorical Goliath that is Usain Bolt twice at the Jamaican Trials, the 100 and 200 are going to be hard fought battles.

Bolt, however, took his losses in stride saying “I am always ready. For me, I keep telling you guys it's always about the championships, it's never about one run, never about the trials."

The ever-optimistic Bolt, likely speaking with a belly full of McNuggets, will be the headliner on whichever night he steps on the track. Win, lose or draw; world record or not, Usain Bolt is going to put on a show.

Article: Usain Bolt 'ready' as Olympics Begin (BBC.com)

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