British Milers Club Watford Grand Prix 2024 - Live Stream

Sat, June 08, 2024 at 16:00 (GMT)
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Live stream details, results, entry lists and meet schedule for the 2024 British Milers Club Watford Grand Prix - World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze:

The British Milers Club Watford Grand Prix 2024 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 8th at Woodside Stadium in Watford, UK.


The event will be broadcast live starting at 17:00 BST (12:00 EDT) on A discount on the Vinco subscription is available for BMC members using a specific code.


17:30BMC 800 G (Mens)
17:35BMC 800 D (Womens)
17:40BMC 800 D (Mens)
17:45BMC 800 E (Mens)
17:50BMC 800 E (Womens)
17:55BMC 800 C (Mens)
18:00BMC 800 F (Mens)
18:05BMC 1500 F (Mens)
18:13BMC 1500 D (Womens)
18:21BMC 1500 G (Mens)
18:29BMC 3000SC A (Mens)
18:43BMC 800 B (Womens)
18:49BMC 800 B (Mens)
18:55BMC 800 C (Womens)
19:03BMC 800 A (Womens)
19:11BMC 800 A (Mens)
19:19BMC 3000SCW A (Womens)
19:35BMC 1500 D (Mens)
19:46BMC 1500 C (Mens)
19:54BMC 1500 C (Womens)
20:04BMC 1500 A (Womens)
20:14BMC 1500 A (Mens)
20:22BMC 1500 B (Mens)
20:33BMC 1500 B (Womens)
20:41BMC 1500 E (Mens)
20:49BMC 5000 B (Mens)
21:07BMC 5000 A (Womens)
21:27BMC 5000 A (Mens)
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