Loughborough PB Classic 2024

Sat, June 01, 2024

Info - results, entry lists, and meet schedule the 2024 British Milers Club Loughborough PB Classic:


  • Category: High performance elite track and field meeting
  • Date: Saturday, Jun 1st
  • Location: Loughborough, United Kingdom

Results, schedules, entry lists, and other essential Loughborough PB Classic information will be posted on this page.

How to Follow the Event:

Track and field fans can follow the event live on the  British Milers Club social media channels:


13:30BMC 2000SC U20 A (Mens) (91.4cm)
13:40BMC 3000 A (Mens)
13:54BMC 3000 B (Mens)
14:08BMC 2000SC U18 B (Mens) (83cm)
14:18BMC 1500SC A (Mens)
14:28BMC 3000 A (Womens)
14:42BMC 2000SCW A (Womens)
14:53BMC 1500SCW A (Womens)
15:03BMC 1500 A (Mens)
15:11BMC 1500 A (Womens)
15:19BMC 1500 B (Mens)
15:27BMC 1500 B (Womens)
15:35BMC 1500 C (Mens)
15:43BMC 1500 C (Womens)
15:51BMC 1500 D (Mens)
15:59BMC 1500 D (Womens)
16:07BMC 1500 E (Mens)
16:15BMC 800 A (Mens)
16:20BMC 800 A (Womens)
16:25BMC 800 B (Mens)
16:30BMC 800 B (Womens)
16:35BMC 800 C (Mens)
16:40BMC 800 C (Womens)
16:45BMC 800 D (Mens)
16:50BMC 800 D (Womens)
16:55BMC 800 E (Mens)
17:00BMC 800 E (Womens)
17:05BMC 800 F (Mens)
17:10BMC 800 F (Womens)
17:15BMC 800 G (Mens)
17:20BMC 800 G (Womens)
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