NEC Indoor Championships 2024 - Live Stream

Mon, February 19, 2024 at 14:15 (GMT)
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Live stream details, results, entry lists and meet schedule for the NEC Indoor (Northeast Conference) track and field championships:

The NEC Indoor Track & Field Championships for 2024 are scheduled to take place on February 18th and 19th at the Ocean Breeze Track and Field Facility in Staten Island, NY​​.


The event will be broadcast live at no cost on the NEC Front Row Network, featuring multiple camera feeds dedicated to showcasing track and field events independently.



Sunday, February 18


9:00 am 60-meter hurdles Prelim Men
9:20 am 60-meter hurdles Prelim Women
9:40 am 60-meter dash Prelim Men
10:00 am 60-meter dash Prelim Women
10:20 am Mile Trial Men
10:40 am Mile Trial Women
11:00 am 400 meters Trial Men
11:20 am 400 meters Trial Women
11:40 am 500 meters Trial Men
12:00 pm 500 meters Trial Women
12:20 pm 800 meters Trial Men
12:40 pm 800 meters Trial Women
1:00 pm 200 meters Trial Men
1:20 pm 200 meters Trial Women
1:40 pm 3,000 meters Final Men
2:00 pm 3,000 meters Final Women


9:15 am Weight Throw Trial/Final Men
9:15 am Long Jump Trial/Final Women
9:15 am Long Jump Trial/Final Men
10:30 am Pole Vault Final Women
11:15 am High Jump Final Men
12:15 pm Shot Put Trial/Final Women

Monday, February 19


9:45 am 60-meter hurdles Final Men
9:55 am 60-meter hurdles Final Women
10:05 am 60-meter dash Final Men
10:15 am 60-meter dash Final Women
10:25 am Mile Final Men
10:35 am Mile Final Women
10:45 am 400 meters Final Men
10:55 am 400 meters Final Women
11:05 am 500 meters Final Men
11:15 am 500 meters Final Women
11:25 am 800 meters Final Men
11:35 am 800 meters Final Women
11:45 am 200 meters Final Men
11:55 am 200 meters Final Women
12:05 pm 5,000 meters Final Men
12:35 pm 5,000 meters Final Women
1:05 pm Distance Medley relay Final Men
1:20 pm Distance Medley relay Final Women
1:35 pm 4 x 400 relay Final Men
1:50 pm 4 x 400 relay Final Women
2:00 pm Closing Awards Ceremony


9:00 am Weight Throw Trial/Final Women
9:00 am Triple Jump Trial/Final Women
9:00 am Triple Jump Trial/Final Men
10:15 am Pole Vault Final Men
11:00 am High Jump Final Women
12:00 pm Shot Put Trial/Final Men

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