Netherlands Athletics Indoor Championships 2024 - Live Stream

Sun, February 18, 2024 at 10:00 (GMT)
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Live stream details, results and entry lists for the 2024 Netherlands Athletics Indoor Championships:

Live Stream and TV coverage:

The live stream online coverage of the 2024 Netherlands Athletics Indoor Championships will be available  on Atletiekunie YouTube Channel here on Saturday, February 17 starting from 10:00 (GMT).

On this page, you will find other important meeting info such as results, event schedule, and start lists.


TimeStart groupEvent
9:55U18-V Meerkamp60 meters hurdles 2 heats
10:14U18-M Meerkamp Groep A U18-M Meerkamp Groep B60 meters 2 heats
10:55U18-M Meerkamp Groep A U18-M Meerkamp Groep BLong jump
11:00U18-V MeerkampHigh jump
12:00SEN-M1500 meters
12:30U18-M Meerkamp Groep A U18-M Meerkamp Groep BShot put
12:35SEN-VTriple Jump
12:40SEN-V1500 meters
13:20SEN-M400 meters
13:45U18-V MeerkampShot put
13:53U18-M Meerkamp Groep A U18-M Meerkamp Groep BHigh jump
14:00SEN-M60 meters
14:35SEN-V60 meters
15:07SEN-MPole vault
15:10U18-V MeerkampLong jump
15:15SEN-M800 meters
15:48SEN-V800 meters
16:21SEN-M60 meters semi-final
16:44SEN-V60 meters semi-final
16:48SEN-MTriple Jump
17:07U18-V Meerkamp800 meters
17:24SEN-VShot put
17:34SEN-V400 meters
18:00SEN-M3000 meters
18:20SEN-V3000 meters
18:42SEN-M60 meters final
18:50SEN-V60 meters final


TimeStart groupEvent
9:00U18-M Meerkamp Groep A U18-M Meerkamp Groep B60 meters hurdles
9:45U18-M Meerkamp Groep APole vault
10:52Para atletenLong jump
10:55SEN-VHigh jump
11:05SEN-M200 meters
11:30SEN-MShot put
11:35SEN-V200 meters
11:50U18-M Meerkamp Groep BPole vault
12:054x400m Mixed4 x 400 meters mixed
12:40SEN-MLong jump
12:45Para atleten60 meters
13:11SEN-M60 meters hurdles
13:32SEN-V60 meters hurdles
14:05SEN-M1500 meters final
14:17SEN-V1500 meters final
14:32SEN-MHigh jump
14:36SEN-VPole vault
14:42SEN-VLong jump
14:47U18-M Meerkamp Groep A U18-M Meerkamp Groep B1000 meters
15:13SEN-M200 meters final
15:25SEN-V200 meters final
15:38SEN-M400 meters final
15:55SEN-V400 meters final
16:15SEN-M800 meters final
16:30SEN-V800 meters final
16:50SEN-M60 meters hurdles final
17:02SEN-V60 meters hurdles final
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