• Schedule: VertKlasse Meeting 2022

Schedule for the VertKlasse Meeting 2022 | Dick Vert Stadium, High Point University North Carolina | April 1 to 2.

Friday, April 1st


Long throw events will be on a rolling schedule; approximate start times are listed
10:00am - Men’s Hammer
Approx. 1:00pm - Women’s Javelin followed by
Approx. 4:00pm - Men’s Javelin*
1:00pm - Women’s Shot Put followed by Men’s Shot Put


10:00am - Men’s ‘B’ High Jump (#16-36 seed)
Approx. 12:00pm followed by Women’s ‘B’ High Jump (#16-36 seed)
1:00pm - Men’s ‘B’ Pole Vault - (#16-36 seed) 
Approx. 4:00pm followed by Women’s ‘B’ Pole Vault (#16-36 seed)

TRACK EVENTS (Women then Men)

3:30pm - Women’s 3000m Steeplechase 
4:00pm - Men’s 3000m Steeplechase
4:30pm - Women’s 1500m
5:00pm - Men’s 1500m
5:45pm - Women’s 5000m
6:30pm - Men’s 5000m 
7:30pm - 10,000m

Saturday, April 2nd

THROWS - Long throw events will be on a rolling schedule; approximate start times are listed
9:30am -  Women’s Hammer (Max Field size 36)
Approx.  12:30pm - Men’s Discus (Max Field Size-36) followed by 
Approx. 3:45pm - Women’s Discus (Max Field Size-36)


11:00am - Men’s Long Jump -Runway A (Max Field Size -36) Women’s Long Jump-Runway B  (Max Field Size -36)
(30min after completion of LJ)
Men’s Triple Jump-Runway A (Max Field Size -36)
Women’s Triple Jump-Runway B (Max Field Size -36)

Approx. 12:30pm - Men’s “A’ Pole Vault (Top 15 seeds)
Approx. 3:30pm - Women’s “A’ Pole Vault (Top 15 seeds)

11:00pm - Women’s ‘A’ High Jump (Top 15 seeds)
Approx. 1:00pm followed by Men’s ‘A’ High Jump (Top 15 seeds)

TRACK EVENTS (Women then Men)

9:00/9:30AM - 800m Participation Heats
10:00/10:30AM - 100m Participation Heats
11:00/11:25AM - 400m Participation Heats
11:50/12:05PM - 100m/110m Hurdles Participation Heats
12:25/1:05PM - 200m Participation Heats
1:45/2:00PM - 400m Hurdles Participation Heats

2:30pm - Opening Presentation
2:45pm - Men’s 400m Hurdles (top 2 sections)
2:58pm - Women’s 400m Hurdles (top 2 sections)
3:05pm - Women’s 100m (top 2 sections)
3:12pm - Men’s 100m (top 2 sections)
3:20pm - Women’s 400m (top 2 sections)
3:28pm - Men’s 400m (top 2 sections)
3:35pm - Women’s 4 x 100m Relay
3:45pm - Men’s 4 x 100m Relay
4:05pm - Women’s 100m Hurdles (top 2 sections) 
4:15pm - Men’s 110m Hurdles (top 2 sections) 
4:25pm - Women’s 800m (top 2 sections)
4:35pm - Men’s 800m (top 2 sections)
4:45pm - Women’s 200m (top 2 sections)
4:50pm - Men’s 200m (top 2 sections)
5:00pm - Women’s 4 x 400m Relay
5:15pm - Men’s 4 x 400m Relay

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