• A Beginner’s Guide to Ice Skating

Ice skating is an exciting form of intense cardiovascular exercise that improves balance and builds muscle in your legs. If you’re going ice skating for the first time, taking to the ice can be a daunting experience. However, it doesn’t have to be. Read on and discover our tips and techniques that can turn you from a novice to an ice-skating pro in no time.

Dress Accordingly

When taking to the ice rink, what you wear can have a major impact on your overall experience. This means you need to wear suitable clothing that provides warmth, comfort, and safety. Make sure you wear gloves as they’ll protect your hands should you fall. It’s wise to wear layers too, and socks that reach above your boot to avoid blisters and friction. One of the biggest mistakes people make is wearing thick socks for ice skating. You should refrain from doing so as thick socks aren’t breathable and will limit your movements. 

Pick the Right Skates

Once you’ve picked out the right outfit for ice skating, it’s time to focus on footwear. If you’re able to, it’s recommended to choose figure skating skates. They are considered easier for beginners thanks to their longer blade. Also, ensure you pick the right size of skates. If the skate feels too small, your feet and toes will quickly get sore which can hinder your experience. On the other hand, if your skates are too big, this will increase your risk of injury as you won’t have sufficient ankle support. Once you’ve picked the right skates, make sure you lace and fasten them up correctly before getting started. 

Start Slowly

While you may be itching to get on the ice, it’s best to start slowly and take your time getting used to the rink. You should start by warming up. This will lower your risk of getting injured and ensure your back, shoulders, neck, and legs are stretched and ready and raring to go. Once you get onto the rink, stay close to the barrier. This gives you the chance to build confidence as you watch other skaters.

Don’t Look Down

If there is one point that we need to stress, it’s to not look down when ice skating! Of course, you’ll want to check what your feet are doing in the process, but if you’re not paying attention to what’s in front of you, this can throw you off balance and increase the risk of falling. It’s advised to keep your head up and look in the direction you’re wanting to go to. As you glide along the risk, remember to bend your knees a little to keep better balance.

Learn from the Best

Learning to ice skate will take time, effort, and patience. While some people want to ice skate purely for fun, others may aspire to become a pro. If you fall into the latter category, you can gain inspiration from Team Riedell who are made up of talented world-top athletes from across the globe.

While ice skating may seem intimidating initially, as long as you have patience, wear the right gear, and take the above on board, you can learn to ice skate in no time. 

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