• What are the top 5 athlete’s room ideas?

Bedrooms can be decorated in hundreds of ways. This is particularly true when we talk about decorating a boy’s bedroom. There are hundreds of ideas that you can incorporate in the bedroom. For instance, musical, car-based or sporting themes are can be chosen.

Choosing an athletic theme is also a smart idea to go with. There are different ways in which a creative athletic-based theme can be chosen. This article will go through a number of ideas which you can choose. 

1. Soccer theme

This is perhaps the most popular athletic theme popular amongst kids. Soccer is clearly the most watched sport. Therefore, if you are fond of such sport, then consider adding this theme. The theme can contain soccer player wallpapers. In fact, soccer ball shaped chairs can be placed. The bed sheets and curtains can pertain to similar theme. Black and white striped windows can be installed from professional services such as klarwindows.co.uk. Such theme can create an exciting environment for everyone. 

2. Hockey theme

Even if you are not interested in playing hockey, this is an exciting theme to go with. It is essentially a theme based on blue color with hockey elements in it. The walls can be painted blue. White curtains can be installed. The backdrop of the bed can be a hockey net. Further, a wallpaper can be used on the wall to which the bed is faced. The wallpaper can reflect white hockey sticks. You may choose color of the carpet accordingly. 

3. Baseball theme

This is another popular theme amongst children. Baseball is highly popular, especially in the USA. Nevertheless, the right baseball theme can be created using the right colors. You can choose the furniture according to the theme. A brownish carpet is most preferred if you want to go with this theme. Furthermore, you may get a bean bag which is shape of a baseball glove. It will create an athletic environment for the child which looks highly attractive and aesthetic. 

4. Tennis theme

Tennis is loved by many individuals. If you are into tennis, then this is one of the best themes that you may choose. You may either go for black or white paint, or both. The pillows and other components of the room can be of the shape of a tennis ball. Further, a tennis balled shaped lamp can be placed as well. You may choose to have a poster of the favorite tennis player in the room. 

5. Olympic theme

If you are into Olympics, then choosing such theme can be ideal. There are many ways in which a room can be given an Olympics feel. Get posters of the favorite medalist. Depending on which game of Olympics you are fan of, you can choose the theme. For instance, if you are into table tennis, then install a table tennis itself. In any case, combine different themes, colors and shades in order to give a creative and innovative look. 

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