• Top 10 Reasons why Drinking Tea is good for Athletes

There are many types of tea in today’s world. All of them carry different health benefits that are crucial for better metabolism. Some of the common types of teas include white, green, and chamomile.

If you are an athlete and wish to better your performance on the field, then a cup of loose leaf tea can do just the trick. It will keep you hydrated and give you that kick to get through your training. Also, you will be ingesting a drink with minimal sugars and calories. 

This post will look at why every athlete should have a cup of tea often:

1. Contains caffeine

Caffeine is known to provide energy and give that boost to athletes. Not only will it leave you feeling rejuvenated, but you will also go for more extended hours while you train or take part in other activities.
The caffeine also has fewer sugars as compared to sports drinks commonly taken by athletes. Sports drinks often do more harm than good in the long-run.

2. Rich in anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants do more for the body than they get credit. They remove free radicals from the body.

The radicals are molecules that cause some oxidative damage to the body. The damage caused often leads to diseases and illnesses.

Being an athlete, your body must be in tip-top shape at all times. You cannot have any sick days because that will affect your performance. 
Avoid any sick days by taking some tea.

3. Enhance your endurance

The endurance will be as a result of the anti-oxidants. Research conducted by an American journal revealed that tea improves the muscles' capability to utilize body fat for energy. As much as the research was conducted on mice, the results are still applicable to humans.

The body fats are utilized better when lipid metabolism is enhanced, leading to the fat being broken down to energy.

4. Improves the metabolism

The improved metabolism is realized when the body breaks down the fat to energy. Through this process, your metabolism is increased. And you might also lose some weight because of the fat getting used up.
So if you are an athlete, then getting yourself, this infusion might go a long way in helping you do better in the field. Additionally, if you are looking to lose weight, exercising often, then having some green tea extracts may help.

5. Provides hydration

The dangers of dehydration cut across the board. They could range from cramping to fatigue and other conditions that can easily be dodged. Many people will tell you to drink water often to avoid dehydration. While this is true, there is a better and easier way to stay hydrated; taking tea does the trick.
Most athletes may also find taking flavorful tea a better option than taking water all the time. 

6. It is affordable and convenient

Tea is a convenient and affordable beverage for all athletes. It is effortless to make and can often be produced in large quantities. If you make some of this infusion in the morning, you can be sipping it all day long and enjoy the sweet flavor while staying hydrated.

There is quite a variety you could make and derive all the benefits. 
Luckily, learning how to brew healthy tea for athletes has been made easy by the internet. A simple search will give you many ways of making homemade tea for athletes. Try one today.

7. Protection against heart diseases and high blood pressure

Tea is said to contain individual catechins believed to prevent the multiplication and production of free radicals. The free radicals are present in most artery linings. When free radicals inhibit the artery linings, the odds of getting heart disease suddenly increase.

The catechins also assist in preventing the formation of blood clots. 
If an athlete or anyone is diagnosed with a heart problem, it will spell the end of their career or pose a health risk.

8. It gives you a brain boost

Some say sports is all about strategy. Drinking tea will enhance concentration and relaxation.

Loose leaf tea is known to contain L-theanine, a compound that enhances the brain’s ability to concentrate.

The same compound also gives the body a calm feel and, thus, the relaxing effect. So if you want to be top of your game in sports class, then grab your cup of this drink every day.

9. Promotes friendly bacteria in the intestines

Proper digestion is essential to every athlete because it will determine the uptake of nutrients into the blood. When an athlete has poor digestion, all the nutrients from the ingested foods will wash down the drain.

Making a cup from tea bags will promote healthy digestion by providing a conducive environment for forming certain types of bacteria. These bacteria will promote healthier digestion and even increase bowel movement regularity.

10. It promotes immunity and has an anti-inflammatory effect

Some studies have proven that catechins found in tea can suppress disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Some of the viruses include the deadly influenza virus, among several others.

Serious athletes cannot afford a sick day, their health is of utmost importance as they train and take part in other physical exercises.

After reading these benefits of drinking tea, you must wonder where to buy quality extracts to brew one yourself. You can easily get a loose leaf tea from an online tea and coffee shop. One of the advantages of buying from online shop is the ability to choose from a variety of teas. Here, you will find the best tea for athletes and for everyday living.

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