• Why Climbing is One of The Best Sports for Athletes

One of the best ways to stay healthy and fit is to perform an activity that you really like. Workouts that you just tolerate but hate deep inside won’t keep you coming back to them. You’ll give up quickly and your health will suffer for it.

It’s common for people to think that they need to grind in the gym at least three times a week and that’s their only way of exercising, as you can read in this article. But that’s not the case. There are so many options for exercising these days that you would be mistaken to just stick to a gym.

It will keep you fit, but it’s boring. No one is truly enjoying it. However, sports are inherently different. They help you stay fit and healthy, but they also offer some mental stimulation and they are fun.

Here are some benefits of doing a sport instead of just exercising:


● You get some mental stimulation - Any sport where you have to plan your strategy is a good sport. It tickles your mind and helps you see the sport as interesting and fun. It’s a distraction from all the effort you have to put into it. You will barely notice the amount of energy that you are spending and the amount of strength it takes you. You will be focused on the game. This article shows all the benefits of playing sports: https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-benefits-sports

● Team play - A sport usually involves a team. And admit it, it’s way more fun to exercise when you’ve got a group of people to do it with and when they are backing you up whenever you feel like giving up. You will work harder and be more motivated. Each success will be that much more exciting with a team.


Which is why climbing is perfect for you. Here are some of the best reasons why climbing is a great sport:

● It’s a great workout - Climbing will help you build your muscles and require you to use your entire body. You have to hold on to the rocks, your biceps will work out and your back will stretch in order to help you pull yourself up to the next rock. It’s a workout that will give you strong abs, great forearms, great biceps, and a strong, healthy back.

● Breathing - Studies have shown that rock climbing is an excellent exercise because of its aerobic profile. You will breathe a lot both during and after.

● Burning calories - If you want to lose weight, rock climbing is your game. Experts estimate that you can lose around 400 to 800 calories per hour and this depends on your weight and the amount of energy that you spend. Either way, it’s one of the most effective ways to burn calories and lose weight. Especially so if you do some harder routes.

● Climbing is stimulating - Most people who don’t climb think that all you need is a strong torso and upper part of your body. However, even though that’s still important, it’s also about mental focus and technique that you have. The technique is what you use to make a climb easier. There are many techniques that you can learn but the point is to preserve your strength and do it properly. You have to put on a lot of weight on your legs and not to grip too hard. Climbing is scary but you need to remember that you are safe and attached to a rope. Don’t grip too hard or you will lose your balance and spend unnecessary strength.
 You also need to remember to use the balance. It’s crucial in climbing and every movement means that you have to balance between your hands and feet, as well as your free hand or foot. You have to move them in a way that moves you forward in the least amount of effort possible. Of course, try to remember that you have to move in a strategic way, and this will give your mind a breath of fresh air. It’s like solving a puzzle.

● It makes you feel amazing - Climbing can be scary at first but reaching the top is exhilarating. You will feel awesome no matter what you do. You will face your fears and get into situations where you are near the top but about to fail because you’ve lost your strength. And mustering the strength to do that is hard but you’ll feel amazing after. It will be like you’re this amazing adventurer standing face to face with your biggest fears and still doing great things.

● Stress relief - Not only will you spend your excess energy and face your fears, but you will also forget about the world for a while. All those work problems, unpaid bills and other issues will disappear, and you will feel much better after the climb. The stress will abandon you and you will have your calm mind again.

● You can see beautiful landscapes - When you learn how to climb, you can go visit some of the best climbing places in the world and see amazing sights. You can go camping and then climb that amazing rock you see.

● Climbing is not that expensive - The truth is, climbing is one of the least expensive sports out there. You can get some basic gear and start climbing outdoors for free. The equipment you buy can last you for about two years. Companies like Sports Triumph say that you can also share some of the more expensive equipment with a friend and that would split the price. It’s a simple sport that doesn’t require much in terms of stuff, which is great.

● Climbing can be an individual or a team sport - Some sports like football or soccer require you to have a group of people you can play with or it will be boring. And it can be hard to get everyone’s schedules synced so that everyone can come and play. Most of the time, it doesn’t happen, and you’re left without your workout session. However, climbing can be a fantastic solo sport or a communal activity. You can have a two-person team or more people.

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