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• Abe rival casts doubt on new dates for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Ishiba, a former Minister of Defense who is leading polls to be Japan's next Prime Minister, has cited uncertainty over the coronavirus as the reason for his doubts that the Games will go ahead as planned.

He said whether he runs for leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in 2021 depends on the virus and whether Tokyo 2020 can be held.

Abe's term as LDP leader is set to expire in September of next year.

"We don't know if the Olympics can be held before the end of Abe's term," Ishiba was reported as saying by Bloomberg.

"It depends on the virus being under control, and not just in Japan. 

"If no-one comes from Europe or America, it's not the Olympics. 

"It's an Asian athletics event."

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