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• Geoffrey Kamworor Wants to Break World Marathon Record and Win Olympic Gold in 2020

New York marathon champion Geoffrey Kamworor has hinted at attempting to raise the bar and break the marathon world record in 2020.

Kamworor, 26, says while he is undecided on whether to go for the marathon or 10,000m track race at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

"It is very emotional for me to set this record," said Kamworor, who also won back-to-back world cross country titles in 2015 and 2017. "And doing it in Copenhagen, where I won my first world title, adds something to it."

Now he wants to be the first man to hold both the half and full marathon record in 2020. "I believe no human is limited just like Kipchoge said," said Kamworor. "I am ready for any challenge."

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