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• French Steeplechaser Reportedly Fails Doping Test

French 3,000m steeplechase specialist Ophelie Claude-Boxberger has tested positive for EPO, a source close to the case said on Tuesday.

Paris’ Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed it had opened a “preliminary investigation on 14 October into offences under anti-doping and poisonous substances legislation” following a report from the French anti-doping agency (AFLD).

“I learned once again from the press that there would be a positive test, there was no confirmation from the AFLD,” said Andre Giraud, the president of the French Athletics Federation (FFA).

He said a change of law in March means “we have been kept out of the proceedings. We no longer have disciplinary powers. We are not happy about this type of affair. They create unease, there is no denying it.”

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