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• Finnish javelin champion Tero Pitkämäki calls it quits

"This is a bit of a grieving process for me. Although it was well known that this day would come and I could prepare for it a little, it still feels empty and depressing. Fortunately javelin is just a sport and there is much more to life," he commented.

The Finnish champion has previously said that he would end his career at the latest after the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. However on Monday he said that he didn’t have good reason to continue, adding that there were many reasons for him to call it a day.

Pitkämäki won seven medals in international events and eight Finnish championships. He set a personal best at the Kuortane summer games in 2005 when he hurled the javelin 91.53 metres – still the eleventh-longest throw in the world.

Tero Pitkämäki’s international medals

Olympic Games

Bronze 86.16 m (Beijing, 2008)

World Championships

Gold 90.33 m (Osaka, 2007)

Silver 87.07 m (Moscow, 2013)

Bronze 87.64 m (Beijing, 2015)

European Championships

Silver 86.44 m (Gothenburg, 2006)

Bronze 86.67 m (Barcelona, 2010)

Bronze 84.40 m (Zurich, 2014)

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