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• Mo Farah is still running away from the tough questions

'Let's get on to it,' he said. 'To be honest it is very disappointing to see you guys going at it again and again. The headline is Farah, Farah, Farah. There is no allegation against me. I've not done anything wrong.

'Let's be clear - these allegations are about Alberto Salazar and the Oregon Project. I feel let down by you guys, to be honest.'

'If I tell you guys or talk to you guys and be nice to you, you'll still be negative. Either way, I can't win, you've already made up your mind about what you're going to write.'

Another attempt: Mo, are you disappointed by Salazar, have you been tainted by association?

'I am disappointed that you guys make it into the headlines,' he said. 'It is not about Mo Farah, it is about Alberto Salazar. I am not Alberto and only Alberto can answer that.'



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