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• REVEALED: Box of banned drugs left in kitchen of flat Alberto Salazar shared with Mo Farah mean more questions for disgraced coach over pre-Olympic training camp in 2012

A former NOP staff member, Steve Magness, was a key whistleblower as USADA probed Salazar's activity from 2015 onwards. The arbitration panel that convicted Salazar accepted Magness's witness account that he saw Salazar 'with testosterone on the counter in the common area at a condo where some athletes of the NOP were staying in 2012 in Albuquerque, New Mexico'.

Coupled with testimony from former NOP runner Kara Goucher, the panel established that Salazar 'had actual, physical possession of testosterone at the two training camps where the athletes of the NOP and Respondent were living together'. Salazar told Sportsmail this week that he was always 'careful' with his testosterone and would never leave it in a communal area. 

Magness has now provided Sportsmail with confirmation that the 'counter' in question was the kitchen counter in the two-bedroom flat. 'We [the NOP group] had several different apartments, and Alberto was staying in this one with Farah,' says Magness.

'I saw the box of it,' he says. 'And I knew that was testosterone. Farah was sharing the flat with Alberto. In fact, some of [Farah's] stuff was still there when I stayed in his room when he went away for those few days to race. 

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