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• Eugene prepares to host 2021 world track champs, but needs more money

A budget for hosting the world championships submitted by Oregon21 to Travel Oregon in 2017 pegged the total cost of putting on the event at $85 million. Ticket, merchandise and food and beverage sales only covered an estimated $18 million of that total. The requested $40 million state subsidy would be the single biggest source of funding for the 10-day competition by far.

The local organizing committee is preparing to host 2,000 elite athletes from around the world along with 3,000 media members and broadcasters, plus throngs of spectators. The throwers, jumpers and runners will be housed in UO dorms that will be recast as an Olympic-style athletes’ village.

TrackTown's boosters and the state of Oregon achieved a surprise victory in 2015 when they secured the 2021 world championships. Eugene is thought to be the smallest city ever to host the event.

The IAAF's opaque bidding process, which resulted in steamy Qatar winning the 2019 hosting rights and Eugene hosting in 2021, has since come under scrutiny by corruption investigators in multiple countries.

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