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• "It's technological doping" | The shoes behind Eliud Kipchoge's '1:59 Challenge'

Setting his world-record time in the Berlin Marathon last year, Dennehy explored an additional aspect of Kipchoge's performances that few other athletes can replicate; his shoes.

"The way they do it is a bit dubious because it came out early in 2016, and the prototype was only given out to their special few. Other Nike athletes even who are professional athletes still don't get this certain shoe.

"They have a mass-market version of this shoe that you can buy for about €300, but the ones the elites wear is a different shoe personalised for them and is far more effective."

Nike's 'Next%' shoe is a follow on from their '4%' model that has been seen to sizably improve a runner's performance.

"The way the rule is written by the IAAF says that any technology which comes along has to be freely available," outlined Dennehy, "[but] this was never freely available.

"I emailed Nike during the week about it to see if they could tell me anything about the shoe, there was no return.

"The shoe is the main game-changer here."

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