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• Coe defended IAAF from corruption charges in French court

Global head of athletics Sebastian Coe defended the allocation of three World Championships and denied corruption in bidding processes during an appearance at a French court last year, documents seen by AFP reveal.

The court interrogated Coe, the president of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), in May 2018 over the governing body's decision to award the 2017 championships to London, suspicions of bribes in the failed candidature of Qatar that year and the decision to award this year's event to Doha.

The hearing also questioned Coe about the 2021 competition being awarded to Eugene in the United States, home of equipment manufacturer Nike, a company for which Coe serves as an ambassador.

The court transcript, which is in French, records that Coe promised: "If proof is provided that candidatures could have been obtained by corruption I would be ready to reconsider these decisions."

Since the Doha championships have just been completed, amid controversy over low attendances and punishing temperatures, the only host that could be changed is Eugene, in the west coast state of Oregon.

That city has also attracted negative headlines as the home of the Oregon Project, a distance running group sponsored by Nike. The head of the project, Alberto Salazar, was banned for doping on the eve of this year's World Championships.

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