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• Jordan Hasay Breaks Her Silence on Salazar

Since the news of Salazar’s ban, Hasay said she’s been trying to tune into her running and tune out everything else. She hasn’t spoken to Salazar, as his ban forbids coaching, even over the phone. She has not read the 140-page ruling on him on the website of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), although her brother has read it for her. She says she’ll read it after the race.

Hasay will go to Chicago without a coach, although on race weekends she always tried to limit interactions with Salazar anyway, because he would be more nervous than she was. She’s postponing decisions about her future—and the best way to prepare for the Olympic Marathon Trials in February 2020—until the days following the marathon.

“I’m just kind of focused on the race now,” she said. “Then we’re going to sit down and figure everything out.”

At this point in her career, she said, she feels she knows what to do for workouts; she doesn’t need someone telling her how many miles to run. She spends the majority of her time at home in California, where she grew up, instead of in Portland, Oregon, where the NOP is based.

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