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• Alberto Salazar's Nike Oregon Project should be shut down says key whistle-blower Kara Goucher

International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach said this week the World Anti-Doping Agency should investigate all athletes who trained with Salazar.

Goucher, who won a silver medal at the 2007 World Championships under the coach, agrees.

"It's unfortunate but, myself included, I do feel that all of our blood samples over the years should be retested now," she said.

"I just can't imagine staying when the head of your programme has been convicted, so that part I just don't understand.

"But anyone ever associated with that programme, unfortunately now people will think twice about what you're performing, and that is unfair.

"I know athletes there that are not doing anything wrong, but that's just the unfortunate situation about a conviction like this.

Goucher added: "All of us, even myself and my husband [Adam - another ex-NOP athlete] - everyone should go through it.

"Every blood test should be retested, this is what needs to happen and then we can determine if there should be charges on athletes or not."

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