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• IAAF chief Coe: “I can’t remember a world championships actually that has delivered at this level for a long time.”

Coe said he spent every evening on the track talking to athletes, medical staff and delegates and that they were happy with the organisation of the world championships, despite the low attendances.

“They are very pleased to be here,” he said. “Yes, we could have done with more spectators in the stadium but there are pretty understandable reasons why that has been a challenge.

“They are not talking about (the crowds) and actually, the athletes talking about externalities are probably not the ones who are going to be walking home with medals from here.”

“We want a full stadium and that has to be the challenge but we need to focus also on the absolute quality of what we are seeing here,” he added, also pointing out that athletes from 28 countries had won medals so far.

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