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• ‘Jaw-dropping’: Russian world champ Lasitskene hits out after US star Coleman allowed to compete despite missed doping tests

My jaw dropped down to the floor when I learnt that Coleman was justified. But when I heard Mr. Coe’s (IAAF president) reaction, my jaw dropped even lower,” Lasitskene said over the decision to allow Coleman to compete in Qatar.

What are we fighting for, guys? Where are we going? The man missed doping tests and doesn’t hide it. He was unavailable for doping officers and now he is the world champion! Now he is a new face of athletics. Is it a joke?” Lasitskene fumed.

The first woman in history to win three high jump world titles also stressed that the IAAF and international doping agencies had been less reserved in their treatment of Russian athletes and Russian anti-doping agencies, immediately banning them even on the slightest suspicions of doping.

Every time I hear [Coleman’s] name my jaw drops. Why do we need this anti-doping fight then? Where are all those athletes commissions who immediately signed papers urging not to restore RUSADA?” Lasitskene said.

The newly-crowned 100m world champion Coleman could have faced a two-year ban after missing three doping tests over a one-year period. However, the US anti-doping watchdog dropped the charges against the runner, stating that his whereabouts violation was “for a filing failure.”

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