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• IAAF 'working hard' to address ‘disappointing’ World Championships attendances

There were 13,288 supporters watching Friday's session at the Khalifa International Stadium, but those numbers dropped on the weekend, with Sunday’s 100m women’s final playing out over a backdrop of empty seats.

Former British sprinter Darren Campbell is among the athletes to have criticised the IAAF’s decision to award Doha the championships.

"The sport is not evolving and it does not help when images across the world show empty stadiums," said Campbell. "I guess people watching it go 'that sport's dying' and switch over.

" What athletics needs now is for the IAAF to really think about what they are doing and, if it means the World Championships unfortunately have to go to countries that will sell out, then that's the way it has to be."

IAAF CEO Ridgeon stressed that work is being done to generate bigger crowds, but added that “big finals” have come late on when the audience have the following working day in mind.

"We want bigger crowds," said Ridgeon of the Khalifa International Stadium, which holds 40,000 but was reduced to around 21,000 for the event.



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