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• Eilish McColgan urges athletes to talk more about periods

It’s the lack of knowledge that is painful, McColgan suggests. A facet that has the potential to jolt vulnerable athletes facing criticism of unexplained under-performance that can be justified by a natural blip. “It’s not easy because there’s not one simple answer to control the pain or reduce the tiredness in your legs,” she adds. “There are so many aspects and one little pill doesn’t fix all because everyone reacts differently. It’s so complex.”
With the world championships in Doha barely six weeks away, and the British trials approaching next weekend, she can only hope the calendar co-operates. The 5000m will be her prime target and the chance to impress in a country she has come to know well since her mother Liz re-located to Qatar.
Times, and her spot in the UK rankings ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, will also become an increasing focus ahead of a move on to the roads, she maintains. “I’d like to take second place on the all-time list and I’m hoping that’s possible by making improvements year on year. I still want to lower my best at all distances. I want to get under four minutes for the 1500. There are only a few women doing that and that’s got to be a target.”

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