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• Nike Removes Contract Reductions for Pregnant Athletes After Backlash

Nike Executive Vice President of Global Sports Marketing John Slusher issued a letter to the company's sponsored athletes this week detailing changes that have been made to their respective contracts in an effort to support them through pregnancy.

The new contract reads:"If ATHLETE becomes pregnant, NIKE may not apply any performance-related reductions (if any) for a consecutive period of 18 months, beginning eight months prior to ATHLETE's due date. During such period NIKE may not apply any right of termination (if any) as a result of ATHLETE not competing due to pregnancy."

The letter from Slusher was dated August 12th and first shared on Twitter by Emmanuel Acho. 

Nike issued the following statement to Sports Illustrated regarding the letter: "Female athletes and their representatives will begin receiving written confirmation reaffirming Nike’s official pregnancy policy for elite athletes. In addition to our 2018 policy standardizing our approach across all sports to ensure no female athlete is adversely impacted financially for pregnancy, the policy has now been expanded to cover 18 months.”

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