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• IAAF Releases Sports Nutrition Guide With Scientific Developments Related to Athletic Performance

A comprehensive guide to sports nutrition, which summarises all the latest scientific developments relevant to athletic performance, is now available on the IAAF website as part of the latest IAAF Consensus Statement on Nutrition for Athletes.

It includes 16 articles on different facets of sports nutrition, which were first published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism in April, but are now available for free download. The IAAF is also releasing a series of Infographics to illustrate some of the key findings in an easily digestible format.

A team of 50 experts, led by Lindy Castell from Green Templeton College at Oxford University and Louise Burke, the Head of Sports Nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport, was commissioned by the IAAF to apply new developments in sports nutrition to the five core areas of athletics: sprints, jumps/throws/combined events, middle distance, long distance and ultra distance/mountain running.

The first six infographics – on mouth sensing of carbohydratesthe benefits of training with low glycogen storescarbohydrate intakes in endurance eventslow energy availability in athleticstraining the gut and preventing runner’s diarrhea - are also available for download today in the IAAF website's Health & Science Department documents section.

More Infographics will be released over the next month, addressing other key themes of the nutrition research.

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