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• Eilish McColgan upset after 'skinny' comments on social media

Scottish athlete Eilish McColgan has responded to comments about her being "skinny" by saying: "Go body shame elsewhere."The middle-distance runner, 28, says she is not surprised young women have cosmetic procedures "to fit what's deemed the 'ideal' body".She said on Twitter: "I'm naturally small - always have been. Some people are just slim!

"I doubt they would comment on someone slightly larger than 'average'."

One poster responded to a tweet by Asics about McColgan by saying, "damn that's skinny" and another added, "yes... bit too much".

European Championships silver medallist McColgan then asked the posters not to comment on her appearance. And she said in a separate post on her Twitter page: "If you're healthy and happy then don't worry about anyone else's opinion. It's YOUR fabulous body."

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